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Chiropractic FAQ

Dr. Joe Papia Chiropractor in Downtown Tampa FL

Answers FAQ’s During Treatment

Should I Take Off From Work?

The answer is depend upon your condition.

You know what you do for your job better than I do, so we’ll discuss if you think you need to be off work because your job requires you to do things that might make thing worse, then we’ll certainly take you off your job.

If you don’t think it’s going to affect your particular condition, then we certainly want you to stay at work as much as possible.

Should I Stop Exercising?

If you think that the exercise you are doing is going to aggravate the condition then certainly we would like for you to stop exercising.

If your exercise routine won’t affect this condition, then I think it would be okay to continue to do what you are doing.

Should I Exercise?

If you think it’s not going to aggravate that condition.

If you think it’s going to aggravate your condition than obviously we don’t want you to exercise until we get you in a better state of health.

Should I Stop Taking My Prescription Medication?

My answer would be you need to follow your doctor’s orders if you have a question about any particular medication.

Make sure when you talk to that doctor you let them know all the different medications you are taking because as we know, we have some medications that interact with others and there is side effects.

So make sure you do what your doctor tells you to, however make sure you explain to them all the medications you are taking so they can determine if the medication they prescribed to you is the most beneficial for you for that particular condition.

What Mattress is Good for Your Back?

The basic idea according to clinical studies is if you have a low back problem you need much firmer mattress.

If you have a neck problem you can get away with a softer mattress.

So in general, low back conditions need a firmer, neck conditions a less firm mattress.

Would Losing Weight Help a Bad Back?

I see patients that are heavy that don’t have low back problems.

I see patients that are heavy that do.

I see patients that are very thin and have low back problems.

There’s no real definitive answer whether or not if you lost weight it would help your condition.

The main thing is finding out what the problems is and addressing it specifically.

Is it Common to be Sore After Treatment?

Typically only after the first treatment.

On each consecutive treatment you should continue to feel better.