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Massage Therapy

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Manipulation of Soft Tissue for Therapeutic Purposes

Types of Massage our office offers:


  • Focuses on releasing improper muscle tension through specific trigger points and muscle striping.
  • Release muscle spasms and contraction.

Myofascial Release Therapy:

  • Used to release the adhesion’s from collagen or scar tissue formation.
  • Collagen or scar tissue is a very strong web like material that infuses and surrounds everything in the body, our organs, muscles, bones, etc.
  • Collagen or scar tissue forms after inflammation in the body as a result from major trauma like falls or car accidents.
  • Collagen or scare tissue formation also results after prolonged inflammation from minor repetitive trauma such as abnormal sitting, standing or lifting.
  • When collagen or scar tissue binding happens it can cause chronic pain and interfere with the proper function of an organ, a muscle, or pull the skeletal structure out of alignment.

Purpose of Massage:

Compliment the Natural Healing of your Chiropractic Treatment.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  • Enhances the function of joints and muscles.
  • Improves circulation and general body tone.
  • Relieves mental and physical fatigue.

Areas of Focus:

NECK & SHOULDERS – Relief from chronic tightness in the neck and shoulders that are caused by stress, poor posture and job related functions.

LOW BACK – Therapeutic massage applied to the lower back and spine brings relief from stiff, aching muscles attributed to weak tone of the abdominal muscles, muscle strains and muscle imbalances in the pelvic region.

FACE AND HEAD – The average person carries a large amount of tension in the muscles of the face. Headaches and migraines can be addressed with massage therapy.

LEGS AND FEET – Tired legs with muscle cramps and “nervous” twitching are aided by the increased circulation. Athletes in training experience shortened recovery time brought about by massage therapy. The feet respond to increased circulatory flow and flexibility of therapeutic massage.

CIRCULATORY SYSTEM – Massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to muscles. Massage can compensate, at least in part, for lack of exercise and muscular contraction in persons who because of injury, illness or age are forced to remain inactive. Massage helps return venous blood to the heart and so eases the strain on this vital organ.

Massage FAQ’s

Will My Insurance Cover Massage?

Most of the insurance companies are now understanding the benefits of massage and most of the policies cover massage.

We can verify that by getting some information off your insurance card.

Our office policy is to confirm that information, we give you a call and let you know even before you come in for your first visit. So you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get here.

When Can I Get a Massage?

After we verify benefits, and we know that you’re insurance covers the massage that typically becomes, a routine part of your treatment.

So when you would come in for your adjustment, you would typically have a scheduled time for your massage and you get it right before or right after you received your adjustment.

How Long Are the Massages?

We have 3 different times for a massage.

  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour.

So it just depends on what you schedule the massage for.

Do I Need to Disrobe for a Massage?

The basic answer is, you only take off as much as you are comfortable.

We do gown you so that you will never be without clothes or some sort of clothing on at any time.

Can I Get a Massage If I’m Sick?

The general answer is absolutely.

Often times getting a lot of that stuff flushed out of your system via a massage is very beneficial and helps you get over the sickness faster and with less severe symptoms.

However if you feel you’re too sick to get a massage, then it’s perfectly okay to miss it until you get over your sickness

How Will I Feel After the Massage?

There are two different statements we typically hear.

One, that you feel very loose and relaxed and almost sleepy. Generally it’s because your muscles so relaxed that you are just ready to take it easy for the day.

However, you can expect to be a little sore afterwords since it’s a lot of work on the muscles.

The other statement we hear is just the opposite of that is, wow after I get a massage I’m really, really energized and I just feel like all my stress is gone and I’m ready to go out and take on the world.

But either way is perfectly normal and quite frankly they’re both common.

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