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How to Stop Low Back Pain Dr. Papia Chiropractor Tampa Fl 33602

How to Stop Low Back Pain!

Dr. Joe Papia

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If you’re suffering from low back pain chance’s are it’ from:

  1. Major trauma: Such as an automobile accident, slip and fall or blow to the body.
  2. Minor trauma: Such as bending, lifting or twisting one to many times.
  3. Genetic: Born with a spinal deformity.

A complete consultation and examination would determine the cause of your low back pain. Dr. Joe Papia a Chiropractor in the Tampa, FL 33602 area performs complete examination procedures to determine the cause of your low back pain.

The diagnostic procedures include a complete consultation, orthopedic and neurological examination, range of motion study, x-rays, MRI, or a CAT scan if required.

Dr. Papia will get to the root of your low back pain! More importantly he’ll help to alleviate it.

Dr. Papia Explains the Cause for Low Back Pain


The 3 Most Common cause’s Low back Pain:

  1. Disc bulge
  2. Pinched nerve
  3. Spinal joint pressure

The body’s response to pain is muscle tightening or spasm. Usually the muscle spasm is secondary to the underlying problem.

The examination procedures would determine the exact cause of your low back pain, the severity, and if there is any permanent damage.

3 Common causes of Low Back Pain


How Disc Pressure Causes Low Back Pain!

Direct nerve damage or inflammation can cause low back pain and muscle spasm. The primary focus in treating your low back pain would be to decrease your pain and inflammation. In addition to treating the pain we would decrease any associated muscle tension or spasm.

These are some of the treatments and therapy’s Dr. Papia uses to decrease your pain and inflammation.

Chiropractic manipulation: Chiropractic manipulation for pain and inflammation has two direct effects.

  1. Acts as a mechanical joint pump. Moving the fluid out of the joints and tissues.
  2. Nerve impulse reset: Gentle chiropractic manipulation can reset the painful nerve impulses which cause your pain.

How Interferential Current can Help Stop Low Back Pain!


Interferential Current: The pulsed mode can aid in reducing the swelling and inflammation in the tissue. The tetanize mode acts as an electric nerve block to stop your pain and thereby decreasing your pain.

How Ultrasound can Help Stop Low Back Pain!


Ultrasound: The pulsed mode of ultrasound acts as a mechanical sound massage to reduce your tissue swelling.

How Traction can Help Stop Low Back Pain!


Ice pack: Used to constrict the vessels to decrease your swelling. Ice also acts to temporarily to reduce the nerve conduction signal which causes your pain. However, if used improperly ice can have a reverse effect and increase your pain.

Nutritional counseling: Specifically anti-inflammatory herbs, vitamins, and natural supplements.

Dr. Papia utilizes one or all of these methods as necessary to treat your specific low back condition.

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