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Dr. Papia Chiropractor in 33603 Describes Valsalva Test

Dr. Papia Chiropractor in 33603 describes Valsalva Test

Dr. Joe Papia Chiropractor in Downtown Tampa FL describes a positive valsalva test

A positive valsalva test is used to determine the origin of your low back pain.

In this video Dr. Joe Papia who practices chiropractic in the 33603 area of Tampa FL describes the meaning of the test


Back pain can be the result of many anatomical problems. The valsalva test specifically test the disc in the lower back.

Definition of Valsalva Test:

“The Valsalva maneuver is used to aid in the clinical diagnosis of problems or injury in the nerves of the cervical spine. Upon performing the Valsalva maneuver, intraspinal pressure slightly increases. Thus, neuropathies or radicular pain may be felt or exacerbated, and this may indicate impingement on a nerve by an intervertebral disc or other part of the anatomy.”

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