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Chiropractor Downtown Tampa FL 33602 Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractor Downtown Tampa FL 33602 Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Joe Papia, Chiropractor Downtown Tampa FL 33602

One of the best forms of treatment we use to relieve back pain is call intersegmental traction. This is a specific modality to relieve back pain resulting from a disc injury such as a disc bulge or disc herniation.

The patient lays on the therapy table and the upper torso and lower pelvis is strapped. The traction treatment gently separates the spinal joints relieving disc related pressure.

If you suffering from back pain from a disc injury give us a call, we have good success with our intersegmental traction therapy for back pain.

Dr. Joe Papia, chiropractor downtown Tampa FL 33602.

Insurance covered include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, United, Allstate, Progressive, Mercury, Nationwide, State Farm, USAA, Direct Auto.

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