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Chiropractor in 33602 uses Ultrasound for Back Pain

Chiropractor in 33602 uses Ultrasound for Back Pain

Dr. Papia of Downtown Tampa FL Explains Ultrasound


Therapeutic ultrasound is helpful to relieve back pain.

Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves penetrate the tissue to create a deep heat. The deep heat will increase the circulation and blood flow thereby aiding in the healing of damaged tissue.

Ultrasound can also be used in the pulsed setting to help pump out the inflammation in the tissue that causes back pain.

Some of the other benefits of using ultrasound in the treatment of back pain included, increased mobility and elasticity of the tissue, increased healing times and decrease pain and inflammation.

For more information on how ultrasound can help your back pain call Dr. Papia. His office is in the chiropractor 33602 and 33603 area of downtown Tampa fl.

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